Maxima International began as a small plant in a vast market. We began with a simple policy to provide only the best quality seafood available in our market. This policy is strictly being followed.

Maxima International began with an annual export of USD 2 Million in 2001 has turned many folds into a company with annual exports of over USD 15 Million in 2013. This has been made possible due to our yearly expansion programs, consistent quality and the development of our buyer’s trust. And it does not end here; we are continuously thriving and working round the clock to continue to satisfy our customers’ needs and to increase our exports.

Maxima International and our brand ‘Maxima Brand’ are well known in over 20 countries. Our major exports are to Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Canada, Kuwait, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Philippines, Srilanka, Bangladesh and many other countries.