Quality control is the key to ensure reorders.In order to do so we have an independent ‘Three Tiers Quality Checks’ system during processing.

1. Quality check point # 1: Before freezing process.

As the goods arrive from the market, the goods are unloaded in our first tier quality control room. This is the toughest and most important check point for quality control. Goods are tested for their freshness, odor and appearance. If the raw material does not pass any one of the check marks it is rejected and sent back in the market.

2. Quality Check point # 2: After blast freezing / IQF / Block Freezing:

Once the goods are taken out of the freezer, products are carefully graded and checked for quality. Products are graded with careful attention to ensure that the grading is as accurate as humanly possible. The fishes that don’t cut the mark for the best grade are packed as secondary grade. This ensures that our clients get the best value for their money.

3. Quality Check point # 3: Random check during shipment:

At the time of loading, independent staff inspects the goods at random. This ensures that what we say and what we deliver is the same, which is ‘To provide best quality products to our customer according to their satisfaction.