Indian Mackerel
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Indian Mackerel


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Scientific Name: Rastrelliger Kanagurta

Local Name: Bangra/Seem

English Name: Indian Mackerel

Product Description:

The body of the Indian mackerel is moderately deep, and the head is longer than the body depth. The maxilla is partly concealed, covered by the lacrimal bone, but extend till around the hind margin of the eye. These fish have thin dark longtitudinal bands on the upper part of the body, which may be golden on fresh specimens. There is also a black spot on the body near the lower margin of the pectoral fin.

The Indian mackerel is generally found in shallow, coastal waters, where the surface water temperature is at least 17 °C (63 °F). Adults of this species are found in coastal bays, harbours and deep lagoons. They are commonly found in turbid waters rich in plankton

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